How can I send back my foreign order?

For orders from abroad, there is no refund or exchange. Your order you want to return it for refund or exchange in Turkey, because Turkey is subject to custom customs regulations. Therefore, the installed customs fees are taken over by our company.

(All types of shipping and customs fees are paid by, such as wrong size, wrong product, etc.)

Contact us at 0850 840 96 82 from 09:00 to 22:00 and from Saturday 09:00 to 22:00 to Sunday 11:00 to 22:00 or via our WhatsApp order number (0090 553 487 86 85 ). You can request help.


What is the shipping fee?

On all orders over 100€ / 100$ / 100£ / 100AU$ 



For Turkey; on orders over 100TRY FREE DELIVERY, 

For Countries below;


Note: If your country is not in this list, you can see shipping fees (for your country) on checkout page. 


Customs fees and fees are included in the product price and shipping price. 


U.S.A 4.95 USD
Germany 12.90 EUR
Australia 19.95 AUD
Austria 12.90 EUR
Belgium 12.90 EUR
Bosna Herzigowa 16.90 EUR
Bulgaria 16.90 EUR
Algeria 16.90 USD
Denmark 12.90 EUR
Estonia 16.90 EUR
Finland 16.90 EUR
France 12.90 EUR
Netherlands 12.90 EUR
Crotia 16.90 EUR
Canada 4.95 USD
Kuwait 2.35 KWD
Cyprus 12.90 EUR
Lithuania 16.90 EUR
Lebanon 11702.70 LBP
Luxemburg 12.90 EUR
Hungary 12.90 EUR
Mauritania 11,75 USD
Norway 16.90 EUR
Poland 16.90 EUR
Portugal 12.90 EUR
Romania 16.90 EUR
Slovakia 16.90 EUR
Slovenia 16.90 EUR
Tunisia 7.75 USD
Turkey 4.95 TRY
New Zealand 11.99 USD
Greece 12.90 EUR
Czech Republic 16.90 EUR
Uzbekistan 9.95 USD
Jordan 5.50 JOD
United Kingdom 9.90 GBP
Irland 12.90 EUR
Spain 12.90 EUR
Sweden 16.90 EUR
Switzerland 12.90 EUR
Italy 12.90 EUR

How many days will my order be abroad?

Your payment is available within 3 to 7 business days after receipt of payment. Shipping is via DHL Express. Orders requiring special preparation may be delayed by 1 week.


How can I make order tracking?


After your order has been shipped, you can follow your shipment at Click Here with your tracking number.

(the tracking information is sent to your registered e-mail address)

How can I track my orders abroad?

Your orders will be shipped after reaching the regional distribution center

E-mail address Can the tracking number to follow through, You can contact the responsible freight company for more information.

For foreign deliveries,

If you are not at an address or your address is wrong / missing; Leave your message in your mailbox and tell you that you can pick up your freight carrier from the nearest store or by e-mail to your registered e-mail address. In accordance with this information, you can contact the freight company to find out which store your parcel is in.

You should receive your package within the specified time with the appropriate tracking numbers from the store.








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