How can I become a member?

You will be asked to sign up when completing your order. If you are not yet a member, you can simply log in by clicking "Register on Facebook" or "Register Now" on the same screen.


Do you have to be a member?

You never have to be a member to create your order. You can create an order without continuing with members.


Membership fee? membership at our address is free.


Do you have a business?

Modavina is a company that only offers online sales. There are no shops in the region of Turkey. You can order all our products in domestic orders via our website by credit card, cash or credit card without installment at the door, and you can with confidence with your credit card, PayPal, Klarna - Immediately- Order accounts if you are from abroad.


I do not have an e-mail address / I do not use mail. Can I still be a member?

Yes, you can only create your mobile phone number and a subscription using the password provided in the entries.

Simply enter your mobile number with your next login and password.


Is it safe to shop on your website?

All products will be delivered to you from your name tag as a statement. Our site uses the SSL certificate, which ensures the security of information transmitted through 128-bit encryption.

All card information used when buying from is not strictly recorded and will not be disclosed to third parties.


Do you have wholesale?

We only sell on our website. We have no shops or branches.